What is Bazi?

Bazi, also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny Reading, is a Chinese kind of astrology. Using your birth date and time, a chart is constructed and thereafter analysed to evaluate the level of your heaven luck.

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The Chinese think that if we lead a successful and trouble-free life, we are lucky, and if our lives are difficult or full of challenges, we are unlucky. But what exactly is luck? Luck consists of three components:

Heaven Luck

One-third is Heaven Luck, or the luck with which you are born. It is based on your birth date and time and uses the Chinese solar calendar. In a Bazi reading, this portion of your good fortune will be examined. Once you have determined your amount of heaven luck, you will be able to discover how to optimise your luck by addressing the shortcomings in your Bazi chart.

Earth Luck

The other type of luck is known as Earth Luck, and it refers to the good fortune you acquire as a result of your surroundings and environment, such as your residence and so on. This type of luck is assessed using the Feng Shui method.

Man Luck

The third type of luck is called Man Luck, and it refers to the luck you generate through your actions and choices. It is also referred to as karma.

The eventual destiny of your life will depend on the aggregate of these three types of good fortune. Thus, adjusting merely your home’s Feng Shui does not satisfy the whole equation of luck. Only after receiving a Bazi reading will we be able to determine which aspect of our luck is lacking and so improve our quality of life.

In addition, Bazi readings are utilised to determine when your good luck is high and when it is low. During moments of favourable heavenly luck, you can take greater risks with investments, job changes, marriage, and other significant events. When your good fortune is low, you should maintain a low profile and be extra cautious when investing money and making significant decisions.

Through destiny analysis, one can begin to comprehend the timing of many significant occurrences in their life.

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