The Tsaen Group is collaborating with global and local organisations from nearly every sector and industry to develop innovative solutions to global problems.

We believe that Chinese Metaphysics is a highly effective tool for life development and transformation. We are committed to working with a variety of partners – multinational corporations, local businesses, universities, foundations, non-governmental organisations, and government agencies – to make a significant impact in the lives of people around the globe.

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Whether you are planning a private and exclusive event for a restricted group of your clients or a large-scale public seminar or conference, the Tsaen Group has the expertise and knowledge to meet your business goals and objectives. Master Kai and our team of speakers have enthralled audiences from a wide variety of prestigious corporations – both domestically and internationally – with our distinct proposition and expertise in Chinese Metaphysics. Our distinctive brand position and international appeal also make us extremely competitive, particularly in the business, real estate development, financial institutions, and luxury markets.

Media Collaboration

Additionally, we have a special rapport with the media and advertising agencies. Our synergistic partnerships, in which we provide expert forecasts, insightful articles, and empirical research findings, as well as the partners’ collaborative efforts to shed new light on and demystify these topics. Such partnerships allow us to accomplish more as a team than we ever could individually. Constantly on the watch for opportunities to expand our reach through collaborations with traditional and emerging media, and by providing their consumers and readers with genuine value and something they can appreciate.

Research & Development Partnering

Metaphysics is a vast field with over 6000 years of academic materials and knowledge to investigate, decipher, and complete. We have collaborated with formal academic institutions and institutions of higher education to develop a variety of programmes that supplement conventional education systems, including those in the fields of architecture, interior design, and astrology. R&D is central to our mission and the basis for all of our development.

Business Licensing

We value Creative Commons more than Commercial Licencing. If the off-the-shelf products do not meet your specific requirements, we are glad to discuss how we can assist you. On request, commercial licencing of our technologies and softwares is available.


We are one of the world’s independent publishers of articles on Metaphysics and the pragmatic aspects of reality. Our website compiles views from all over the world. Our sales channels that attract markets in search of ‘Self-Improvement’ are perhaps the single most notable aspect of our business. If you are an Author or aspire to become one in the near future, please contact us for a partnership proposal.

Event Partners & Franchise

We have a tried-and-true method and track record for organizing wildly successful events and seminars. If you’re interested in partnering with us to bring our brand to your country or a new market, we’d be delighted to hear your proposal. As Event Partners, you would have immediate access to ongoing support from the beginning to the conclusion of the event, while capitalizing on a global brand and system. This is not suitable for everyone. Initial investments are substantial and time commitments will be substantial, but the returns are substantially higher and there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Recruitment Partners

Have an existing business network and wish to represent our brand? Risk-free and one of the most rewarding relationships imaginable, becoming a Recruitment Partner carries no downside. This ensures that our existing network of Recruitment Partners will continue to perform well year after year by imposing stringent qualifications on candidates. Gain immediate access to robust managing systems, world-class content, and only successful, tried-and-true products.

Technology Associates

Many of the things we do with Metaphysics today would not be possible without the technological advancements made by humanity. We are firm believers that technology is the most important factor in our ability to advance the ever-expanding applications of this ancient discipline. With the advent of Big Data, IoT, and The Cloud, we are more receptive than ever to the innovative ideas of tomorrow’s youth.

Are you interested in contemplating the possibility of business development or a partnership? Business Development & Planning can be reached at Please send press-related correspondence to

Content Usage

Our preference is that you clearly indicate which portions of the content, image, or adapted image are attributed to our original work and which portions are attributed to your original contributions.

For this reason, we permit the use of a substantial portion of our original visual content by third parties, and in many cases, this is permitted without charge.

Uses for Our Work

You are allowed to use our original content as long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please link back to the original source
  • Please provide attribution to “”
  • Please do not modify or alter the graphic’s content, size, or formatting.

You may use our original content in any manner you see fit, so long as you adhere to the above guidelines. However, if you wish to modify the content (resize, translate, remove insignia, etc.), you must contact us to obtain a license for professional use.