Master Kai

Early Life

Master Kai grew raised in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur. Throughout his boyhood, he was fascinated with the art of success and economic ideas. At the age of 15, he began self-studying ancient Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics using books and any written references he could locate.

Armed with a new objective, he had his studies in economics at a local college at the age of 17 and had begun learning about how society works. Simultaneously, he learned how to locate many traditional kinds of literature in Chinese metaphysic science and teachers, allowing him to continue on his route.

He briefly worked for The Big Four and several other financial companies when he was 19 years old. He was confronted with what was likely his most difficult decision. The people closest to him all advised him to acquire a real job and enter the workforce, not to waste his time because this road does not pay well, and to give up his hobby. He was advised that no one wants to be identified as a “Fortune Teller,” and that being a Feng Shui consultant will never lead to financial independence.

He launched his own IT company, but his desire for Feng Shui remained strong. His company now has interests in education, consultancy, media, information and technology. He remained faithful to his enormous passion for the subject, which is the driving force behind everything he has accomplished so far.


Combining Bazi with Face Reading, for example, can make a consultation more exact and accurate. While Bazi is based on calculations, Face Reading is an art that varies depending on cultural and geographical factors. My consulting profession broadens my perspective on further clarifying how the art of Face Reading and Bazi truly work together to provide a more comprehensive insight to my clients all over the world.

Learning from people from different walks of life and cultures is a lifelong process. Tsaen Master Feng Shui’s purpose is to help people all around the world improve their daily lives through knowledge and consultation.

East & West

While Chinese Metaphysics has a rich history and expertise, Kai adopted a somewhat different method of understanding Western Metaphysics as well. Kai has dedicated himself to uncovering the true systems and classical schools of thought as an eager student of life and metaphysics. Kai has approached his professional career from the perspective of both a student and a practitioner. Kai is a firm believer in the saying “walk the walk.” He lives what he preaches, applying every facet of metaphysics to his own enterprises and investments before teaching them to students.

Kai sees himself as more than just a teacher on his travels across the world. He devotes himself to being a facilitator of transformation for the people he meets. He also makes it a personal goal to learn meaningfully from each of them as masters of their domains. This covers characters such as business owners, performing artists, political and business leaders, and ordinary people.