Tsaen Masters Consulting was founded by Master Kai.

His interest in Chinese astrology began around 27 years ago. Everything else began to change after that. One of the most important things I’ve learned about Chinese astrology is that Feng Shui, QiMen, Bazi, and Face Reading are all interconnected.


Learning from people from different walks of life and cultures is a lifelong process. Tsaen Master Feng Shui’s purpose is to help people all around the world improve their daily lives through knowledge and consultation.

To assist our clients in achieving distinctive, enduring, and substantial performance gains, and to establish a great company that attracts, develops, and keeps outstanding people.

Our Culture

We are an organization that is guided by our core beliefs. In order for our ideals to better reflect the modern world, we have made some minor adjustments. They give our company’s long-term strategy and our day-to-day approach to customer service direction and guidance, respectively.

Why choose us


Our mission

To assist our clients in achieving distinctive, enduring, and substantial performance gains, and to establish a great company that attracts, develops, and keeps outstanding people.

Our Vision

To create the most compelling Feng Shui company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to the best version of human capabilities.

Our methods

Applying the centuries of knowledge of the east and the west brings forth the optimal way of creating a sustainable future for humanity.

Our Values


Dedicate to the highest levels of professionalism

  • put client interests above our own
  • maintain excellent client service standards and circumstances
  • abide by sturdy ethical code
  • maintain professional confidences
  • preserve an objective perspective
  • manage client and company resources economically

Enhance considerably our clients’ performance

  • adopt a top-management strategy
  • pursue profound impact
  • use our global network to provide all clients with our finest services.
  • introduce management style innovations to clients.
  • develop client competencies to sustain progress
  • create long-lasting connections built on trust

Build a unique atmosphere for extraordinary individuals.

  • be egalitarian and inclusive
  • foster a compassionate meritocracy
  • mutual improvement through apprenticeship and mentoring
  • respect the duties to participate and dissent
  • welcome diverse viewpoints with humility and compassion
  • we govern as a “one firm” partnership

Our Governance


Our Governance

We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards as a values-driven firm.

We are devoted to effecting meaningful, long-lasting change through our client work and firm operations. We examine and update our governance on a regular basis to ensure that our company remains faithful to its original purpose, mission, and core values.

Our Aspiration


Our Aspiration

Accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth

We have always been firm believers in our clients’ growth potential. Now, we are honored to partner with organizations that are pursuing sustainability, inclusion, and economic growth simultaneously on a new growth journey.

Our Commitments

Value Through Diversity

Our Commitments

We are committed to integrating social and environmental considerations into our approaches.

Providing Value Through Diversity

We have a long-standing commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, society, and within our own organization.

Social Responsibility

We collaborate with others to take major and long-lasting action on social concerns by making our people, knowledge, and resources available.

Environmental Sustainability

Our strategy helps us reduce the environmental impact of our company.

Serving all stakeholders

By incorporating social and environmental factors into our client work, we realize our mission.

Our high standards inform the public commitments we make toward a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Strategy Consulting


Strategy Consulting

When doing strategy, make yourself an outsider

The conventional way for building a strategy begins from the bottom up: assemble all the information you can find about your personal circumstance, and then synthesis it into individualized suggestions.

MECE Principle

The mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive (MECE) concept is a grouping principle for splitting a collection of objects into subsets that are mutually exclusive (ME) and exhaustive (CE). MECE was established by Barbara Minto at McKinsey & Company in the late 1960s, but the concept dates back to Aristotle.

Experience & Fieldwork

Our consultants need to maintain constant awareness of upcoming market trends and changes. While this is essential, it also significantly influences the consultations our clients can receive from our consultants. It is one of the key factors in offering our clients with a larger variety of problem-solving options.

Diverse Backgrounds

Before engaging with clients, Tsaen’s consultants receive extensive metaphysical training. Our consultants’ academic backgrounds were vastly diverse. While a degree is not required to practice metaphysics, it would be a distinct bonus, especially when interacting with clients from similar backgrounds.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Some may refer to this as karma or something similar, but we really believe in our efforts to create a better society, planet, and cosmos for all of us. What occurs when every member of a society learns metaphysics and improvises? Simply, the community or nation pivots upward to a new horizon.


Individual & Organization

Individual Performance

Discover how we assist individuals in growing and thriving in the face of upheaval so that you can realize your plan now and ensure success in the future.

Organization Performance

Discover how we assist customers in creating a workforce that can thrive during disruptions, allowing you to accomplish your goal today and maintain success in the future.

Risk & Resilience

Discover how we assist our clients in understanding, preparing for, and managing risks to guarantee institutional resilience in a world that is constantly evolving.

Business Strategy

Discover how we assist clients in developing and implementing strategies by giving expert advice using various metaphysics tools to oversee virtually every part of the business to ensure that strategic plans are effective and the company remains competitive.

Business Advisory

Discover how we aid clients in developing and implementing plans for a diverse array of organizations, including both SMEs and MNCs. Depending on the demands of your organization, these services are available on retainer structures or alternatively on an annual cycle.

Tsaen Sustainability

Discover how we collaborate with customers to optimize their capacities for sustainability advancement.

Tsaen Transformation

Discover how our transformation strategy facilitates thorough, quick, and enduring organizational change.